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Sioux Tomato

This heirloom variety was originally released in 1944 by the University of Nebraska and is worth planting today because of its incredible flavor and reliably large harvests even in hot weather. Although this appears to be just an average size (6 oz.), unassuming red tomato, you just have to grow it to believe how good it is -- sweet yet tangy and full of those rich, complex flavors that make a delicious tomato memorable. Extraordinary taste in a round, red tomato. Indeterminate. 70 days.

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Big Boy Hybrid Tomato

A long time favorite because of its very large, smooth scarlet fruit with meaty flesh and great flavor. Heavy crops peak in midseason but continue until frost. Indeterminate. 78 days.

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Paquime Hybrid Pepper

Enormous jalapenos that are bigger than any we have trialed in the past. The fruit are nearly 5 inches long and produce great yields of outstanding fruit that turn from green to red. The heat does not linger on your tongue. Flavors and aroma are more complex that most jalapenos, so Paquime is really great for making salsa. It is also great for grilling or stuffing. 70 days to mature green fruit.

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Sweet Slice Hybrid Cucumber

A non-bitter, early-maturing, disease-resistant cucumber that is one of the best tasting cucumbers we have ever eaten. With thin skin (no need to peel), and large fruit size ~10 to 12 inches, this disease-resistant variety will provide fruit that you just can't buy in a store. 61 days.

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Poblano L Pepper

Dark-green peppers mature to almost brown and are 5 inches long and 2½ inches wide with a slight taper and blunt end. These are a little longer and milder than Ancho 101, with Scoville units from 600 to 1,800. 75 to 80 days.

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Diva Hybrid Cucumber

Believed to have originated in India, spreading to North Africa and beyond, this All America winner is one of the best tasting of the Persian types. Now more and more people in North America are eating these burpless, bitter-free, thin skinned fruit. The fruit are parthenocarpic and don't need bees for pollination. That makes Diva seedless and oh-so-delicious. Fruit can be harvested when small or up to 8 inches in length. Vines are particularly productive, with impressive yields, plus plenty of disease resistance. Diva has intermediate resistance to downy and powdery mildew, cucumber vein yellow virus, and scab. 58 days from planting in warm soil.

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Yum Yum Hybrid Mix II Pepper

Delicious little sweet peppers are nearly seedless and the perfect size for tucking into lunch boxes or adding to an appetizer tray. We offer this blend, which has an assortment of color types that include golden tangerine, red, and yellow. Plants will become loaded with large harvests, but the peppers keep well and still stay crunchy once harvested. What a great way to get kids (of all ages) to eat their vegetables!

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Sweet Million FNT Hybrid Tomato

An improved version of Sweet 100, this variety offers the same wonderful flavor and yields, but much better disease resistance and tolerance to cracking. Incredibly long clusters of 1 inch dark red fruit grow on tall, vigorous plants. Indeterminate. 65 days.

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Genovese Basil

This Italian heirloom is very popular when cooking and for making pesto. The tender, dark green leaves are very fragrant and the plant is relatively slow to bolt, giving you additional harvest time. The plant grows 24 to 30 inches tall. 68 days.

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Chef's Choice Black Hybrid Tomato

Many of you have come to love the Chef’s Choice tomato series. The latest entry in the class is called Chef’s Choice Black, a beefsteak type tomato with a dark green, brown, and black hues. The flesh is juicy and sweet. The disease resistant plants can produce 30 or more 8-10 ounce fruit on each plant, under good growing conditions. Winner of the  All America Selections award, with a good disease package and with good crack tolerance. Requires staking.  Indeterminate 75 days.

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Sugary Hybrid Tomato

2005 ALL-AMERICA SELECTIONS AWARD WINNER - Very sweet, cherry sized tomatoes are oval shaped with a pointed blossom end and a beautiful reddish-pink color. Fruit is produced in clusters on high yielding semi-indeterminate vines, which means that plants stay more compact but continue to produce over a long season. Indeterminate. 60 days.

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Better Belle II Hybrid Pepper

It’s hard to imagine a bell pepper much finer than Better Belle, but this improved version offers wider adaptability and even better production than the original. Thick-walled, 4-lobed peppers are 4 inches tall and 5 inches wide, and start out green but mature to a bright, shiny red. Vigorous plants are Tobacco Mosaic Virus resistant. We love this variety for its top-quality fruit and dependably high yields. 75 days.

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751 results