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Grow Cook Eat

Grow Cook Eat, By Willi Galloway #8918
This full circle book is a great gardening guide that takes you through the cycle from planting a seed in the soil to sitting down to a meal prepared with your own vegetables. Included are the fundamentals of planting, how to grow and harvest 50 different vegetables and herbs, and an easy and enticing recipe for each one. Beautiful color photographs throughout the book are inspirational and the author's advice on each crop is easy to understand and clearly drawn from her own
experience. I could read this book everyday just for its beauty and its fresh new ideas and insights. 304 pages.

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Serving Up The Harvest Book

Celebrate your just-picked produce with these wholesome, delicious recipes that help turn what you grow into wonderful meals. The author organizes the book by crop-readiness, with the progression of recipes following the growing season. The vegetables are the stars of these recipes, which are simple yet innovative enough to be really enticing. Also included are tips for growing, harvesting, and cooking, plus nutritional facts about each vegetable. This book belongs on the bookshelf of those who love to cook as well as those who love to garden. 175 recipes and 501 pages.

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Heirloom Tomato Cookbook

The Kendall-Jackson Heirloom Tomato Festival inspired this beautiful cookbook featuring elegant photographs and 50 mouth-watering recipes, such as Cherokee Purple Tomato BLT and Five-Minute Brandywine Sauce. It includes a discussion on favorite heirloom varieties, wine pairings, and tips on cultivating tomatoes, but it is really the recipes and the delicious flavors they promise that will make you want to grow these heirlooms. 132 pages.

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All New Square Foot Gardening, 2nd Edition - Sold Out

The author invented this method, which has become very popular because it is such an easy way to start a garden. It is a simple set-up that works for anyone who wants to grow twice as much in half the space with a minimum of effort. Vegetables, flowers, and herbs grow beautifully in raised beds filled with soil mix and divided into 16 squares, each 1 foot long and wide. The book takes you through how to do it yourself with thorough descriptions of all the steps. 272 pages.

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