Sales and Use Tax

Tomato Growers Supply Company is required to collect and remit sales tax on orders shipping to certain states as required by law.  Tax-exempt organizations or resellers with a current exemption form on file with Tomato Growers Supply Company are not charged sales tax.

For many of the years Tomato Growers has been in business, we have collected sales tax in Florida only, where we are located.  Due to a 2018 Supreme Court ruling (South Dakota v. Wayfair) states are permitted to require out of state remote sellers to remit taxes for sales made in those states.


Which states are having taxes collected?

For 2022, these are Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, and Virginia.  Sales tax is charged if the order is being shipped to any of these states.  If your state is not on this list, this page does not apply to you at this time.


How is tax calculated?

Tomato Growers charges sales tax according to applicable state and local laws.  In general, the rate depends on the receiver's delivery location and the items ordered.  Taxes are collected for the state, county/parish, and city level where applicable.  Shipping and handling is also taxed depending on the state.


I'm a tax-exempt organization or reseller.  How do I place my order without being charged sales tax?

We need a copy of your exemption or reseller's certificate, showing that you are allowed to make purchases on normally taxable items without being charged sales tax.  State laws require us to report tax-exempt sales.  The particular form required depends on your state; look up your state's website (usually a Department of Revenue or Taxation) to see what you need to submit to sellers. 

You may submit your certificate through the following channels:

Email (recommended):
Fax: (888) 768-3476
Letter mail: PO Box 60015, Fort Myers, FL 33906

We will review your certificate within 48 hours of submission.  If we accept your certificate, your Tomato Growers account will be updated and associated with the certificate.  Your future orders will be automatically untaxed.


I've placed an order already but I'm tax exempt.

Please send us your tax exemption certificate by email or fax as described above as soon as possible, along with your order number.  We will refund you the sales tax charged when approved.