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If you need a catalog now, we recommend that you download a PDF copy from our catalog page.

Our current office hours are 12 AM to 3 PM EST Monday-Thursday.  Our online store is always available to take orders and you can message us at any time.

Office is closed on New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Day.  US Postal Service is closed on all federal holidays.

Phone: (239) 768-1119
Fax: (239) 768-3476
Mailing Address: PO Box 60015, Fort Myers, FL 33906

You can also drop us a line by filling the form below.  We will respond to the email address or phone number provided. 


I placed an order and would like to make a change to it.

Fill out the contact form below or email us with the changes you would like to make.  If you are adding additional items we will send you an email with a link inside to pay for them through our website.

What are the letters next to some of the tomato names?

These indicate which diseases the tomato is resistant to.  If your area has a problem with any of these diseases you may look for a tomato resistant to them.

 V Verticillium Wilt
 F Fusarium Wilt, race 1
 FF Fusarium Wilt, race 1 and 2
 FFF Fusarium Wilt, race 1, 2, and 3
 N Nematodes
 T Tobacco Mosaic Virus
 A Alternaria Leaf Spot
 St Gray Leaf Spot

More resistances may be indicated in the product description.


I tried logging into my account from the old website but it gave me an "Invalid username/password" error.

We are not able to transfer over customer order history and passwords to the new website.  You will need to re-create a new account with us here.


Where is my order history from 2020 and earlier?

We are not able to copy over order history to the new website.  If you need to check on an order that you placed before November 15, 2020, please contact us.


I want to use a gift certificate that was made before November 15, 2020.  Can I still use it?

Yes you can.  You will need to put 2 zeroes before the gift certificate number (for example if the number printed on your certificate is 456789 you need to enter 00456789 at checkout).  If you are having problems redeeming your gift certificate please contact us at