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Introducing the sweet Sun Orange Cherry Tomato, the blazing-hot Trinidad Scorpion Pepper, and our new beans, watermelons, asparagus, and collard.

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Discover 43 new products for 2022.

Try the Sylvia Brussels sprouts, with 50+ sprouts per stalk. For fans of Sun Sugar and Sun Gold tomatoes but want a small, determinate plant, we brought in Gold Nugget. For daredevils looking for another adventure, the Cienfuegos series (200,000 to 350,000 Scovilles) and the Trinidad Scorpion (1.2 to 2.0 million Scovilles). See our new 2022 lineup here.

Sweeter Yet Hybrid Cucumber

Sweeter Yet is known for great flavor and it has been popular for many years. It is early to mature and can be harvested between 10 and 12 inches. It is completely non-bitter with a thin skin, and it is burpless. In order to have straight fruit the plants should be grown on a trellis, but they can also be grown on the ground. 48 days.

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Sun Orange Hybrid Tomato

If you love Sun Gold or Sun Sugar, you will also love Sun Orange. It has unbelievably good flavor. The breeder has taken the same great flavor package, but increased the size of the fruit, and improved crack resistance. High yield potential is obvious once you see the elegant trusses brimming with fruit. Indeterminate. 65 days.

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Crème Brûlée (BGS270) Hybrid Shallot

This is the first-ever All America winning echalion shallot. It has a beautiful copper-pink outer skin, and an even more attractive rosy-purple inner skin. French chefs love this type of shallot because they are easy to peel, have more interesting flavors, and caramelize easily when heated. Perfect to plant in the garden, or sell at a farmers market. Plants reach 24 to 30 inches, and the bulb is 4-5 inches in length. Can be grown in a container as well. Space 3 to 4 inches apart. Transplant in March, or direct seed in April or May. 90 to 100 days.

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Scarlet Bandit Onion

Scarlet Bandit is a bunching variety that you will enjoy growing and eating. Some call it the most beautiful onion in the world. Scarlet bulbs with red and white speckles that will dazzle and impress you when dressing up a salad. The bandit can overwinter in mild climates. Direct seed just after final frost, or seed indoors and transplant. 69 days direct seeded.

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Introducing new Celebrity, Lemon Boy, Big Beef, and Better Boy tomatoes...plus even more disease resistance.

Breeders have created even more disease-resistant lines of all-time classic tomato varieties. If you've ever lost your harvest to Fusarium Crown, Root Rot, or Tomato Mosaic Virus, this is where the Plus series can help you. The most popular tomatoes, plus disease resistance, flavor, and hardiness. See below for individual descriptions.

Better Boy Plus Hybrid

Rather than call it Better Boy II, seed developers have decided to call it Better Boy Plus, because it is the same Better Boy with added features that will make it stronger and better than it was before. One new improvement is resistance to Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus (TSWV), which is increasingly important to gardeners throughout the United States and Canada.

TSWV is spread by tiny insects called thrips, which fly all around the country with their tiny wings and dreadful sucking mouth parts. They carry a sinister virus that can wreak devastation on your tomato plants. And they are doing so in greater numbers each year!

Because insecticides are largely ineffective, your simple solution is to plant Better Boy PLUS. But wait, you also receive new disease protection from Fusarium Crown and Root Rot, plus Tobacco Mosaic Virus. In addition, you will have improved flavor and sweetness that will almost make you do a handstand when you first try one. Keep in mind, all the previous resistances are still in place ASC, N, St, and V. So you hit the jackpot with your purchase of new Better Boy Plus! Indeterminate. 75 days.

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Big Beef Plus Hybrid

While it might seem impossible to improve Big Beef, in fact, it just got better. A new selection of Big Beef is available—Big Beef Plus. Big Beef was already a favorite, and one of the world’s most popular indeterminate beefsteak tomatoes.

The original Big Beef already has resistance to TMV, Asc, F 0-1, St, V1 and N (nematodes). The new Big Beef Plus is supercharged with all the original resistances, plus added resistance to Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus (TSWV), Tomato torrado virus, and Fusarium Crown and Root Rot. In certain parts of the US where TSWV is common, home gardeners are not able to successfully grow the original Big Beef. But, they can now grow Big Beef Plus.

We are also pleased to learn that the Big Beef Plus has a deeper red color which indicates increased lycopene levels, a potent anti-oxidant. And remember, all of the original great flavor, yield potential, and disease resistance is preserved in Big Beef Plus. Indeterminate. 73 days.

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Celebrity Plus Hybrid

A new Celebrity tomato is now available with added resistance to Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus. If your garden has experienced this disease, you are well aware of the dramatic impact it has on Celebrity.

Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus (TSWV) is an increasing threat to gardeners throughout the United States and Canada. It is spread by tiny insects called thrips, which are hard to control. If you like Celebrity, but hate the damage from TSWV, then your solution is Celebrity Plus tomato.

You get the same great tasting 8 ounce tomatoes, and plenty of yield with wide adaptability. The total disease resistance package for Celebrity Plus is Tobacco Mosaic Virus 0-2, Alternaria stem canker, Fusarium 0-1, Stemphylium, Verticillium Wilt, Root Knot Nematode, plus Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus. What a great new combination! Strong Determinate. 70 days.

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Lemon Boy Plus Hybrid

Lemon Boy tomato is among the best-selling tomatoes in the US and Canada. It has many wonderful features, including great flavor, mild yet sweet and tangy fruit, and good productivity. We are proud to present a new and improved generation of Lemon Boy.

The original disease resistance package for Lemon Boy included, Alternaria stem canker, Leaf Mold, Fusarium 0, Stemphylium, Verticilium Wilt, and Root knot nematode. Lemon Boy Plus has all of the original resistances PLUS, Tobacco Mosaic Virus, Tomato torrado virus, and Fusarium Crown and Root Rot. The fruit is sweeter, from 5.7 (Brix) to 6.6, while maintaining the 8 ounce or larger fruit.

This new garden powerhouse has all the characteristics of the original Lemon Boy plus a sweet treat. And don't be surprised if Grandmother prefers the Lemon Boy Plus more than the original. Indeterminate. 73 days.

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