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Pineapple Tomatillo

This tomatillo has a sweet, fruity taste that reminds you of a pineapple. Short, spreading plants yield plenty of these tasty fruit which is wonderful in salsas, especially those made with fruit as an ingredient. 75 days.

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Verde Puebla Tomatillo

1 to 2 oz. round green fruit inside a tan colored, papery husk. Plants give a continuous set of these tomato relatives that are used to make green Mexican salsa. Easy to grow. Indeterminate. 75 days.

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Grande Rio Verde Tomatillo

This special selection of tomatillo will yield large fruit on a medium determinate plant. The fruit average 3 ounces, are globe shaped and have a high yield potential. Recommended for market gardeners and home gardeners. 75 days.

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Cisineros Tomatillo

Incredibly large tomatillo will amaze you with its size and productivity. This is easily twice the size of most tomatillos, making preparation into salsa even easier. Apple-green fruit have a papery husk that splits open as tomatillos mature and turn yellow-green. Use in the bright green stage for the tartest flavor, or allow to ripen further for a sweeter taste. Huge size makes this tomatillo really special. 75 days.

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Aunt Molly's Ground Cherry

Native to the Americas, this ground cherry is a family heirloom variety that traveled here from Poland. Tiny, ½ inch fruit turn golden-orange when ripe and are encased in a papery tan-colored husk. They are delightfully fruity and sweet, and wonderful for pies, preserves, or salads. Plants will sprawl but are quite easy to grow. 70 days.

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Toma Verde Tomatillo

The tomatillo is a member of the tomato family, but not a real tomato. Round green tomatillos have a papery husk that is removed before preparing. Vining plants are easily grown and prolific. Flavor is sweet yet tart and wonderful in green Mexican salsa and other Mexican and Southwestern dishes. 75 days.

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Purple Tomatillo

A uniquely colored tomatillo that is enjoyed for the sweet yet tart flavor it gives Mexican dishes. These small fruit form inside papery husks and begin as pale green, then ripen to a rich, deep purple. Vigorous and productive plants. 75-85 days.

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