Big Beef Plus Hybrid Tomato

SKU: 2921

While it might seem impossible to improve Big Beef, in fact, it just got better. A new selection of Big Beef is available—Big Beef Plus. Big Beef was already a favorite, and one of the world’s most popular indeterminate beefsteak tomatoes.

The original Big Beef already has resistance to TMV, Asc, F 0-1, St, V1 and N (nematodes). The new Big Beef Plus is supercharged with all the original resistances, plus added resistance to Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus (TSWV), Tomato torrado virus, and Fusarium Crown and Root Rot. In certain parts of the US where TSWV is common, home gardeners are not able to successfully grow the original Big Beef. But, they can now grow Big Beef Plus.

We are also pleased to learn that the Big Beef Plus has a deeper red color which indicates increased lycopene levels, a potent anti-oxidant. And remember, all of the original great flavor, yield potential, and disease resistance is preserved in Big Beef Plus. Indeterminate. 73 days.