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Kale Blend

A mix of three easy to grow kale varieties, offering beautiful contrasting colors, and flavors. Experience the deliciousness of this blend from baby leaf, to bunching size. Blanched, braised, or fresh in salads, you can’t go wrong. 55 to 65 days.

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White Russian Kale

Leaves have white stems with dark green leaves sporting ruffled edges. Leaves sweeten after frost, and can be harvested at the baby leaf stage or fully mature for bunching. Cold tolerant. 50 days

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Siberian Kale

Extremely hardy, rapid growing, with large blue green slightly curled feather shaped leaves. Non heading plants are vigorous and productive. You can sow in the spring or fall. Light frost improves tenderness and flavor. 60 days

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Scarlet Kale

This frilly-leafed kale has sturdy leaves that are heavily curled and have a deep red-purple color which grows more vibrant as the weather cools down. A great choice for baby leaf or bunching. The attractive plants grow up to 3 feet tall. 50 days

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Red Russian Kale

Leaves are flat and oak leaf in shape, with a dark green color. The stems are reddish-purple and intensify in color after the fall frost. Red Russian is more tender than most kale and can be used fresh or cooked. 55 days

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Prizm Hybrid Kale

All America Winner  - If are interested in growing the superfood known as kale but you don't have room, there is a solution. You can now grow this All America winner in containers as well as in-ground beds. The attractive short plants have tight ruffle-edged leaves, and almost stemless stalks that are quick to re-leaf. Harvest early and often for a continual supply throughout the season. Sweet nutty flavored leaves are tender enough to enjoy in fresh salads but also hold up well when cooked. 40 days

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Lacinato Kale

Grown in Italy for centuries, it is used in many Italian dishes, including minestrone and ribollita. The 10 inch leaves are dark grey-green, with sweet and rich flavors. Harvest typically is taken from the bottom of the stem. Height 24 to 36 inches. 54 days

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Blue Curled Scotch Kale

Tender and sweet, the finely curled leaves grow up to 20 inches in height, and have good flavor when cooked or eaten fresh. Light frost improves the flavor without yellowing. Plants are slow to bolt. 57 days

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Black Magic Kale

A favorite of those trained in the culinary arts. The narrow dark green savoyed leaves are delicious when harvested small for baby leaves, and can be harvested up to 20 inches for a more robust flavor. Sometimes called Tuscan kale, this selection can grow as tall as 30 inches. 60 days

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