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San Marzano Tomato

Excellent for canning, tomato paste, or puree. Rectangular pear-shaped, 3-1/2 inch long fruit with mild flavor and meaty texture. Bright red color. Indeterminate. 80 days.

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Giant Marconi Hybrid Pepper

Awarded for its earliness, yield, size and flavor, this is one of the biggest Italian-type sweet peppers you’ll find anywhere. Peppers turn from green to red, and at 8 inches long with a lobed tip, they resemble a cross between a Marconi and a Lamuyo-type pepper. They are sweetest when red and are good for salads, but really are outstanding when grilled or roasted. 63 days.

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Sun Sugar FT Hybrid Tomato

A hybrid orange cherry tomato with unbelievably good flavor and productivity. Very sweet, fruity-tasting tomatoes are borne in long clusters on vigorous plants. Many other cherry tomatoes have a tendency to crack, especially when ripe, but this one has crack resistance bred in while still keeping a thin skin. The taste of these tomatoes is such a delight that they're often picked and eaten in the garden instead of ever making it indoors. Indeterminate. 62 days.

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Dunja Hybrid Squash

Compact plants produce loads of zucchini fruit that are dark green and finely speckled. With intermediate resistance to powdery mildew, zucchini yellow mosaic virus, papaya ringspot virus, and watermelon mosaic virus, Dunja becomes your garden Ninja, fighting against disease pressure that quickly kills other squash. Don't go without your garden Ninja. Plant Dunja! 47 days

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Opalka Tomato

This is one of the best paste tomatoes we know, primarily because it makes sauce so good and sweet that you wouldn't even have to add flavoring to it. Tomatoes are large, at least 5 inches long, and shaped like a banana pepper with a pronounced tip on the bottom. Plants have wispy-type foliage, but are vigorous and very productive. The fruit has very few seeds and is extremely meaty with a rich, sweet flavor. Although they make outstanding sauce, these tomatoes are good enough to eat fresh. Heirloom variety originally from Poland. Indeterminate. 75 days.

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Brandywine (Sudduth's strain) Tomato

This is widely known as the original Pink Brandywine strain, obtained by Ben Quisenberry from Dorris Sudduth Hill, whose family had grown it for more than 80 years. Many gardeners consider this strain the best Brandywine with fruit that is superior in taste and smoothness. Its tomatoes are indeed special, 1 to 2 pound pink beefsteaks with the delectably complex, rich, sweet flavor that has made Brandywine justifiably famous. Indeterminate. 85 days.

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Sioux Tomato

This heirloom variety was originally released in 1944 by the University of Nebraska and is worth planting today because of its incredible flavor and reliably large harvests even in hot weather. Although this appears to be just an average size (6 oz.), unassuming red tomato, you just have to grow it to believe how good it is -- sweet yet tangy and full of those rich, complex flavors that make a delicious tomato memorable. Extraordinary taste in a round, red tomato. Indeterminate. 70 days.

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Watermelon Radish

Asian heirloom with a white exterior and pink to red interior. It is sweet and crisp, in contrast to most radish varieties. Great for garnish, salads, or even pickling. The large tops make picking easy. 59 days.

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Lemon Boy VFN Hybrid Tomato

The first lemon yellow, not golden, tomato variety, and still one of the best. Extremely vigorous plants produce large harvests of attractive fruit that weighs 8 ozs. or more. Flavor is outstanding, mild and sweet yet tangy and definitely not bland. This one is easy to grow and understandably one of our most popular yellow tomatoes. Indeterminate. 72 days.

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Clancy Hybrid Potato

This is the very first potato seed to win the All America Selections national award. Until now, potatoes have only been available as tubers. These new seeds are easy to store and plant. Start the potato seed just like you would a tomato seed, and plant them at the same time (after frost). In time you will have healthy dark green plants with attractive blue flowers. And beneath the soil you will find a beautiful mix of spuds ranging from red to rose with interiors that are creamy white to yellow. Tubers measure 4 to 5 inches, and 3 to 4 ounces. They are perfect for baked, mashed or boiled potatoes. 90-105 days from transplant.

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Poblano L Pepper

Dark-green peppers mature to almost brown and are 5 inches long and 2½ inches wide with a slight taper and blunt end. These are a little longer and milder than Ancho 101, with Scoville units from 600 to 1,800. 75 to 80 days.

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Bella Rosa VFFNA Hybrid Tomato

This is not only a beautiful red tomato with a melodious name, it is a really serious performer. It is both heat tolerant and resistant to tomato spotted wilt virus, two very important benefits for many growers. In one Louisiana trial of virus resistant tomatoes, Bella Rosa ranked up at the top for its productivity as well as its large fruit size and great flavor. Expect high yields of large, 10 to 12 oz. delicious tomatoes with bright red flesh. Determinate. 75 days.

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