Small-Fruited Tomato Seeds

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Sweet Gold FT Hybrid Tomato

Vigorous vines produce abundant clusters of 1/2 oz. bright yellow-gold cherry tomatoes with delicious sweet flavor. These tomatoes are naturally sweeter than red cherry varieties with a fruitier taste. Once you taste them, you'll be spoiled forever. Indeterminate. 60 days.

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Wild Cherry Tomato

Tiny cherry tomatoes, only about 1/2-inch in diameter, are packed with an amazingly large tomato flavor. When you bite into these delightful morsels, they literally burst with intense, rich tomato flavor, perfectly balanced with sweetness. It is quite a wonderful taste sensation. Bright, deep red fruit load up on long trusses and are just right for snacking or tossing into salads. Originally from Mexico, where these tomatoes grow wild. Indeterminate. 60 days.

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Black Plum Tomato

Small elongated-oval fruits are deep mahogany and sweet and fruity. These are small, teardrop-shaped morsels of sweetness, wonderful for snacking off the vine or for adding to salads. 6-foot tall plants produce a steady, large crop. This is a unique and very tasty variety. Indeterminate. 82 days.

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Braveheart Hybrid Tomato

Perfect little 1 oz. red cherries grow on medium-sized plants that are easier to manage than the very tall plants of some cherry tomatoes. Sweet, juicy fruit are thin-skinned yet crack-resistant with a delicious, rich flavor. Expect abundant and early harvests to extend all the way to the end of the growing season. Indeterminate. 60 days.

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Sugar Rush Hybrid Tomato
Named for the high levels of natural sugars contained in every bite, these super-sweet fruit are elongated and weigh up to 1 ounce. They measure ¾ of an inch to 1 ¼ inches in length. Early maturity will make this one of the first tomatoes you can harvest in your garden, and likely the sweetest. 50 – 55 days.
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Micro-Tom Tomato

'World's smallest tomato variety,' developed by Drs., J.W. Scott and B.K. Harbaugh at the University of Florida. Grows 5 to 8 inches tall in a 4 inch pot bearing flavorful miniature tomatoes about the size of salad croutons. Plants are truly diminutive and wonderful for patios, windowsills or garden borders. Determinate. 85 days from seed.

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Golden Sweet Hybrid Tomato -- OUT OF STOCK

Currently out of stock.  We are working on getting more seeds as soon as we can.

We are happy to have the perfect yellow partner to our red Grape tomato. Golden Sweet grows long clusters of deep yellow grape tomatoes that stay firm and crisp and also resist cracking. Sweet scrumptious flavor combines with that famous grape tomato texture that offers just a little crunch. Excellent production on tall, healthy plants. Indeterminate. 60 days.

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Pink Bumble Bee Tomato

Pretty 1 ½ inch round cherry tomatoes are dark pink striped with yellow and perfect for fresh tomato salads. Sweet flavor and distinctive appearance make them a great choice for market growers to use in colorful pints of mixed cherry tomatoes. Crack-resistant fruit develops on strong plants that can grow well outdoors or inside a greenhouse. Indeterminate. 70 days.

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Golden Gem Hybrid Tomato

Stunning golden color and a sugar content of 10% are what make this hybrid from China outstanding. Small cherry tomatoes are round to globe-shaped and crack-resistant, an important trait for cherry tomatoes. Fruit appears on tall plants capable of producing enormous harvests with up to 50 fruit per cluster. These tomatoes have a very special taste that is sweet, yet rich and fruity. Indeterminate. 65 days.

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Sprite Tomato

If you love grape tomatoes, but don't have the space for supports to grow tall plants, Sprite offers a wonderful alternative. There is no sacrifice in fruit quality, size, productivity, or flavor - just shorter plants for smaller gardens. The small red oval grape tomatoes are borne in amazingly large numbers on more compact, determinate plants. Their taste is refreshingly sweet and skins are thin and crisp, just like the original Grape tomatoes. Determinate. 60 days.

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Rosalita Tomato

This is the only pink grape tomato we know of that is really the size and shape of a red grape tomato. Long clusters of small, oval fruit are deep rosy pink and abundantly produced on tall, vigorous plants. These tomatoes are as sweet as rosé wine, and a delightful new choice for anyone who likes grape tomatoes. Indeterminate. 60 days.

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Indigo Gold Berries Tomato

Yellow-gold cherry tomatoes start out as amethyst purple before they ripen to a glowing golden with a hint of purple remaining at their tops. They have a delicious sweet yet acid flavor and are visually stunning. This variety started out as a selection out of Indigo Blue Berries, and was bred by Brad Gates. Indeterminate. 75 days.

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73 results