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Dear Gardening Friends,

Another season has arrived, and we are very excited to share our discoveries with you. We believe that these new products will bring joy to your gardening life. We hope that among the 43 new products, you will find something that you have always wanted, or perhaps something you never knew you needed.

Some of these products represent new categories for Tomato Growers, such as Brussels sprouts Sylvia Hybrid, which can produce up to 50 sprouts per stalk. And another category - collard Champion, since many of you have asked us to include this variety. We also added Jolene Hybrid tomato which not only tastes great, but also has a disease resistance package that is perfect for many parts of the Southeast. For those who want something that is hard to find, try our Sweet Golden Roma Hybrid tomato, which is super productive and very tasty. Our hot pepper lovers will be pleased to see we have added 12 new hot hotties including Thai Scorpion Hybrid with over a million scoville units of blistering heat. Check out our Cienfuegos habanero series that can really spice up your life. And we are adding one of the best peppers for making chili (according to reporter Frank Tolbert): Red Peter pepper.


Thank you for your continued support over the last 38 years. Best wishes to you and your family in the coming season!

- Tracie and Danny

You can see the rest of our new varieties for this year on our New for 2022 Collection page.