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Cherry tomatoes range in size from a thumbnail to a golf ball and are some of the sweetest tomatoes ever developed.  Featured picture is Princess Yum-Yum.

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Princess Yum Yum Hybrid Tomato

Every now and then a tomato comes along that demands recognition for a flavor worthy of the royal family. She is only to be served at the peak of perfection. She has the highest sugar of all our trial garden tomatoes. Resistance to fusarium, powdery mildew, tomato mosaic virus, tomato yellow leaf curl virus, and LATE BLIGHT! Vigorous indeterminate vines produce long trailing brilliant red fruit clusters, with each fruit weighing about ½ an ounce each, measuring 1 1/2 by 1 inch. 78 days

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Sun Gold Hybrid Tomato

Very sweet, bright orange cherry tomatoes taste not just sugary but also fruity and delicious. Vigorous growers, these tall plants bear long clusters of fruit. Try these for a real taste treat, you won't believe you're eating tomatoes! Indeterminate. 57 days.

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Fire Fly Hybrid Tomato

This little yellow cherry tomato is bigger than a currant tomato but smaller than most grape tomatoes. It won the coveted All America Award. The fruit are super sweet and pale yellow. They explode with flavor and have mild acid which enhances the natural sugars that are so abundant in this variety. Plants should be staked or caged and offer a good disease package. One of the AAS judges had this to say, "Superior yield and ease of harvest make this variety deserving of an award." With more than 500 fruit possible per plant, you will have enough to share with the neighbors. Indeterminate  78 days

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Snow White Tomato

Delightful ivory-colored cherry tomatoes ripen to pale yellow and are deliciously sweet without being sugary. This variety was hybridized by Joe Bratka and seed was given to us by a local friend who obtained it years ago in a seed swap. This is one you'll find yourself snacking on in the garden because it tastes so good. Indeterminate. 75 days.

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Golden Gem Hybrid Tomato

Stunning golden color and a sugar content of 10% are what make this hybrid from China outstanding. Small cherry tomatoes are round to globe-shaped and crack-resistant, an important trait for cherry tomatoes. Fruit appears on tall plants capable of producing enormous harvests with up to 50 fruit per cluster. These tomatoes have a very special taste that is sweet, yet rich and fruity. Indeterminate. 65 days.

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Riesentraube Tomato

The name of this German heirloom variety means 'giant bunch of grapes,' and that is what clusters of these cherry tomatoes will remind you of. Bouquet-type blossoms turn into bunches of 20 to 40 small, oval red fruit with pointed ends. Vines are very branched, and become covered with fruit. Flavor is excellent, offering taste found in larger tomatoes. Indeterminate. 80 days.

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Husky Cherry Red Hybrid Tomato

Big yields of very flavorful 1 inch cherry tomatoes borne in large clusters all season long. What makes this variety so special is the plant grows only 50 in. tall, giving the gardener more fruit in less space. Dwarf indeterminate. 65 days.

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Tiny Tim Tomato

Just perfect for container growing or smaller gardens. Plants grow no more than 18 inches tall and can be grown in a 6-inch pot. Round, bright red cherry tomatoes are about 3/4 inch in diameter. Determinate. 60 days.

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Rapunzel Hybrid Tomato - Sold Out

Just like its fairy tale namesake, Rapunzel puts out long, cascading trusses, each with up to 40 sweet, bright red cherry tomatoes that keep coming all summer long. The long stems are quite impressive when picked fully loaded with tomatoes, which can be enjoyed individually as they ripen. Indeterminate. 70 days.

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Micro-Tom Tomato

'World's smallest tomato variety,' developed by Drs., J.W. Scott and B.K. Harbaugh at the University of Florida. Grows 5 to 8 inches tall in a 4 inch pot bearing flavorful miniature tomatoes about the size of salad croutons. Plants are truly diminutive and wonderful for patios, windowsills or garden borders. Determinate. 85 days from seed.

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Super Sweet 100 VF Hybrid Tomato

This is a home gardener favorite that has more disease resistance than Sweet 100 while keeping the same fabulous taste. Small round 1 oz. cherry tomatoes are deliciously sweet with a high Vitamin C content. Long clusters of fruit load up on tall, vigorous plants and continue to bear until frost. Indeterminate. 65 days.

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Sweet Million FNT Hybrid Tomato

An improved version of Sweet 100, this variety offers the same wonderful flavor and yields, but much better disease resistance and tolerance to cracking. Incredibly long clusters of 1 inch dark red fruit grow on tall, vigorous plants. Indeterminate. 65 days.

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36 results