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Lemon Boy Plus Hybrid

Lemon Boy tomato is among the best-selling tomatoes in the US and Canada. It has many wonderful features, including great flavor, mild yet sweet and tangy fruit, and good productivity. We are proud to present a new and improved generation of Lemon Boy.

The original disease resistance package for Lemon Boy included, Alternaria stem canker, Leaf Mold, Fusarium 0, Stemphylium, Verticilium Wilt, and Root knot nematode. Lemon Boy Plus has all of the original resistances PLUS, Tobacco Mosaic Virus, Tomato torrado virus, and Fusarium Crown and Root Rot. The fruit is sweeter, from 5.7 (Brix) to 6.6, while maintaining the 8 ounce or larger fruit.

This new garden powerhouse has all the characteristics of the original Lemon Boy plus a sweet treat. And don't be surprised if Grandmother prefers the Lemon Boy Plus more than the original. Indeterminate. 73 days.

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Numex Centennial Pepper

An ornamental piquin-type chile with purple foliage and flowers. Tiny peppers ripen from purple to yellow, orange, and finally to red. Compact plants are well suited to container growing. While the pungent fruit is edible, it is usually just used as an ornamental. 120 days.

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Rowdy Red Tomato

Big tomato flavor wrapped up in a medium-sized round, red tomato is what this variety is all about. Tall, vigorous plants grow very plentiful harvests of these versatile and attractive fruits with an assertive yet delicious taste. Even beginning gardeners will find this one easy to grow. Indeterminate. 78 days.

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Rebelski VFFT Hybrid Tomato

Highly disease-resistant plants yield heavy crops of shiny, red ribbed tomatoes that are very attractive. Fruit has a firm texture, which helps it to withstand postharvest handling. Robustly flavorful, 8 oz. bright-red tomatoes are crack resistant. Indeterminate. 75 days.

$24.95 for Pack (10 seeds)
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724 results