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Aristotle X3R Hybrid Pepper

These huge bell peppers start out dark green before ripening fully to red. Plants stay a fairly compact 20 to 24 inches tall, while bearing 3 to 4-lobed fruit that are an enormous 5 inches tall and 4½ inches wide. Plants are resistant to 3 races of bacterial leaf spot plus several pepper viruses. We think that this pepper should have a place in the garden for its contribution to wonderful salads, stir-fries, and the ultimate stuffed peppers. 72 days.

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Orange Sun Pepper

Beautiful deep-orange bell pepper is from 4 to 5 inches long and not quite as wide. Thick walls and very sweet flavor make this a wonderful addition to salads, stir fries, or any use when gorgeous color and sweet taste are desired. 80 days.

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Sheepnose Pimento Pepper

Before bell peppers began to dominate sweet pepper offerings, people grew more pimento peppers for their meaty, sweet flesh and thick walls. This Ohio family heirloom could convince you to try them again. The fruit has a rich, aromatic flavor that is great for eating fresh, roasted, cooked, or canned. They are sturdy, 2½ inches long and wide, rounded and ribbed with few seeds. Easy to grow with big yield potential. 70 days.

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Revolution Hybrid Pepper

This is an outstanding bell pepper variety that produces a concentrated set even in cool weather. Extra-large, blocky thick-walled peppers are four-lobed, about 4½ inches long and wide, with firm flesh turning from green to brilliant red. Resistant to phytophthora, 4 races of bacterial leaf spot, and cucumber mosaic virus. 72 days.

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Orange Blaze Hybrid Pepper

AAS WINNER. Vigorous plants bear gorgeous 2 to 3-lobed peppers that turn bright orange quickly. The fruit is 3 to 4 inches long and 1½ inches wide with a very sweet flavor, providing early harvests of delicious peppers just right for cutting into salads or for use in cooked dishes. Plants are vigorous and highly disease resistant. 65-70 days.

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Mini Belle Pepper Red Pepper

These cute little miniature bell peppers are just an inch or two long and feature very sweet flavor. Best when harvested as fully red, they are great for putting out whole on platters or cut up as sweet additions to salads. Compact plants produce an impressive amount of peppers. 55 days.

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Purple Beauty Pepper

Blocky, thick-walled, dark purple bells set well not only in the crown, but also as limb set. Compact plants offer good foliage cover for the fruit. Beautiful in salads as well as stuffed. 70 days.

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Bounty Hybrid Pepper

This hybrid Sweet Banana type lives up to its name in that it puts out an incredible harvest of huge peppers that measure nearly a foot long. Peppers are typically 9 to 10 inches long and 2 inches across, and turn from light yellow to orange and finally red. Sweet flavor for eating fresh or cooked. 65 days.

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Pimento L Pepper

Large heart-shaped fruit is 4½ inches long and borne on 1½ ft. tall, strong, upright plants. Pimento peppers are often canned, pickled and otherwise processed. Tobacco mosaic virus resistant. 95 to 100 days.

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Bianca Hybrid Pepper -- Treated Seed

This is a premium ivory bell pepper with 3 to 4 lobes and blocky shape. It retains its creamy white color for an extended period before turning orange, and finally light red. Plants are vigorous, resistant to Tobacco Mosaic Virus and provide excellent cover for these very attractive fruit. 70 days.

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Red Bull Hybrid Pepper

This extra-large, blocky bell pepper is very thick-walled and capable of becoming just huge. Peppers begin as dark green and ripen to a candy apple red, the stage when the fruit is sweetest. Strong plants are resistant to 3 races of bacterial spot, and continue to produce throughout a long season. Mature green in 70 to 75 days.

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Chinese Giant Pepper

Old-fashioned bell pepper is huge - 5 to 6 inches deep and wide, but grows on a compact, bushy plant. When this variety is fully ripened, it turns bright red and is very sweet. Thick-walled, blocky fruit is absolutely perfect for making stuffed peppers. Early maturity and long harvests. 75 days.

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72 results