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Giant Szegedi Pepper -- Treated Seed

Originally from Hungary, this wedge-shaped sweet pepper starts out white then deepens to orange and red when fully ripe. Pendant fruit is about 4½ inches long with thick, sweet flesh, and is produced in great abundance, even when conditions are less than ideal. 75 days.

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Giant Marconi Hybrid Pepper

Awarded for its earliness, yield, size and flavor, this is one of the biggest Italian-type sweet peppers you’ll find anywhere. Peppers turn from green to red, and at 8 inches long with a lobed tip, they resemble a cross between a Marconi and a Lamuyo-type pepper. They are sweetest when red and are good for salads, but really are outstanding when grilled or roasted. 63 days.

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Early Summer Hybrid Pepper -- Treated Seed

Extra-large blocky bell peppers mature from green to bright yellow on sturdy plants that are highly productive. Thick-walled peppers are 4 to 5 inches long and nearly as wide. They are heavy and quite meaty, perfect for adding bright color and sweetness to salads and stir-fries, or try them roasted and charred on the grill. Plants are resistant to Tobacco Mosaic Virus. 70 days.

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Better Belle II Hybrid Pepper

It’s hard to imagine a bell pepper much finer than Better Belle, but this improved version offers wider adaptability and even better production than the original. Thick-walled, 4-lobed peppers are 4 inches tall and 5 inches wide, and start out green but mature to a bright, shiny red. Vigorous plants are Tobacco Mosaic Virus resistant. We love this variety for its top-quality fruit and dependably high yields. 75 days.

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Big Bertha Hybrid Pepper

One of the largest elongated bell peppers available. 3 to 4 lobes and thick walls. This improved variety sets more and even larger fruit than the original, and is resistant to Tobacco Mosaic Virus. Excellent in the Northeast as well as other areas. This is an outstanding performer and one of our very favorite peppers. 72 days.

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King Of The North Pepper

Large bell peppers reliably turn red even where the season is short or weather is cool. Strong, sturdy plants become loaded with big, blocky peppers that are delicious at both green and red stages. Despite the name “King of the North,” gardeners in all areas can succeed with this outstanding variety. 70 days.

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Cayenne Sweetness Hybrid Pepper

Cayenne Sweetness looks hot and you will be tempted to think it is even after harvest, but it has neither heat or pungency, only the sweet taste of the true flavor of a cayenne. Bright 5 inch pods can be eaten fresh, or mixed in a salad. Cut them up and add to an omelet, or saute them with onions or shallots for a special side dish. 75 days.

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67 results