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Riot Pepper

Colorful 2 to 3 inch long narrow hot peppers erupt into a riot of color atop short, compact plants for a gorgeous ornamental display. Peppers start out yellow, progress to orange, and finally to deep, bright red, creating a long lasting, multi-colored effect that is reminiscent of brightly burning flames. Riot was developed by Dr. Jim Baggett at Oregon State University, and although classified as ornamental, the peppers are edible. 60-70 days.

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Super Chili Hybrid Pepper

The first hybrid chili pepper bred for increased yields and ornamental appeal. 2-1/2 inch cone shaped peppers have a thin, hot flesh that changes from green to orange to red. Borne upright on the semi-compact plant. Use fresh or dried in peppery ethnic dishes. 75 days.

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Sedona Sun Hybrid Pepper

These ornamental peppers put on a dazzling display in gardens or containers, with masses of bright lemon-yellow and deep apricot-orange fruit on small, spreading mounds. Plants grow 9 to 12 inches tall and spread up to 16 inches with the small, hot peppers held above the foliage. Space plants 12 to 14 inches apart in the garden, or grow in containers of your choice. 72 days.

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Bolivian Rainbow Pepper

A beautiful ornamental pepper with purple foliage and flowers, it bears a profusion of fruit in a rainbow of colors on 2 to 3 ft. tall plants. The small, cone-shaped, 1 inch fruit starts out purple, but turns to yellow, orange, and finally to red, with all color stages on the plant at once. Very hot peppers are edible, but are mainly grown for their striking appearance. 80 days.

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Medusa Pepper

Narrow, twisted, 2½ inch long peppers stand upright above diminutive plants, in a stunning display of color – ivory to yellow, orange, and finally bright red, with all color stages appearing together. Plants grow no taller than 6 to 8 inches and become covered with colorful peppers. Medusa is wonderful for planting in landscape borders or small containers. These peppers are non-pungent.

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Twilight Pepper

An ornamental piquin-type chile with green leaves and purple fruit that ripens to yellow, orange, and then red. This variety has fruit in all four color states at the same time. Very striking and great for containers. 120 days.

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18 results