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Discover 40 new products for 2021, including 4 new colors of Chef's Choice tomatoes, the blistering-hot Carolina Reaper pepper, and All-America-winning pak choi. Also introducing cabbage, cauliflower, and okra.

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Gunma Hybrid Cabbage

This huge flat headed cabbage has many admirable qualities including early main season maturity. It can grow to 1 foot in width, and 5-7 pounds in weight, or even larger. It is ideal for the at home chef who wants to make sweet mild cabbage wraps (blanch them) But don’t limit yourself to wraps, shred, mix for a salad, make kraut or kimchi. Interesting for roadside stands. Resistant to tip burn. 83 days.

From $3.25 for Pack (50 seeds)
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Cabo Hybrid Tomato

Indeterminate growth habit and strong roots allow Cabo to keep producing over an extended period. The saladette shaped fruit weigh 4 ounces, and are flavorful and prolific. 70 days.

From $2.95 for Pack (30 seeds)
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Rouge Vif d’Etampes Pumpkin

Also known as Cinderella, because it looks like the pumpkin that turned into a carriage in the folk classic written by Charles Perrault. The brilliant scarlet color of this pumpkin is sensational. Deep ribs and flattened shape make it a great ornamental fruit, but it is also edible. The flesh is used in France to make a base for soups. 10 to 20 lb fruit. 15 ft. vines. 100 days.

$2.75 for Pack (20 seeds)
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