We moved to a new website!

On November 15th we migrated our shopping platform to a new host.  This new website provides a modern platform with a better shopping experience, more creative control over site design, PCI-compliant security practices, and tools to further develop this platform and help you find the products you want.  We are continuing to make improvements to the site design frequently.  If there is any feedback you would like to share, drop us a line on our contact page and we would greatly appreciate it.



I tried logging into my account but it gave me an "Invalid username/password" error.

We are not able to transfer over customer order history and passwords to the new website.  You will need to re-create a new account with us here.


Where is my order history?

We are not able to copy over order history to the new website.  If you need to check on an order that you placed before November 15, 2020, please contact us.


I want to use a gift certificate that was made before November 15, 2020.  Can I still use it?

Yes you can.  You will need to put 2 zeroes before the gift certificate number (for example if the number printed on your certificate is 456789 you need to enter 00456789 at checkout).