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November 1, 2022

Dear Gardening Friends,

We have certainly been on an unexpected journey for the last two
years with Covid and broken supply chains. At the end of September 2022, Hurricane Ian destroyed thousands of homes and businesses across Florida where we are located.  We are incredibly fortunate to have not suffered any loss to property and life, and we extend our able hands to our neighbors in need.

We have attempted to do our best to continue to offer the seed that you need. A few items have been out of stock based on supplier issues. But we are striving to do all that we can to provide the best gardening experience possible, even with the challenges we are facing. We continue to add new products that we think will help your garden thrive.

Many of the items we are adding are already very popular among home gardeners. Athena hybrid melon has been one of the best selling musk melons for years, both in home gardening and in commercial sales. Pink Delicious hybrid tomato is a new All-America Selections winner with great flavor and many accolades. DePurple hybrid cauliflower is a new replacement for Graffiti hybrid, boasting a larger head, and earlier maturity in the purple cauliflower category. We have added tomatoes Darkstar Hybrid with Late Blight resistance, early maturing Polebig hybrid, Andiamo hybrid and Solar Flare, just to name a few. Please take
some time to review the Plus series tomatoes - these are very popular hybrid tomatoes with added new disease resistance: Celebrity Plus, Big Beef Plus, Lemon Boy Plus, and Better Boy Plus.

You can see the rest of our varieties for this year on our New for 2023 Collection page.

Thank you for your continued support over the last 39 years. Best
wishes to you and your family in the coming season.

- Tracie and Danny