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Tomato Growers' flagship collection of 380+ tomato varieties of all shapes, colors, and sizes.  There's a tomato fit for any garden from greenhouses, patios, outdoor beds, and even windowsills!

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Princess Yum Yum Hybrid Tomato

Every now and then a tomato comes along that demands recognition for a flavor worthy of the royal family. She is only to be served at the peak of perfection. She has the highest sugar of all our trial garden tomatoes. Resistance to fusarium, powdery mildew, tomato mosaic virus, tomato yellow leaf curl virus, and LATE BLIGHT! Vigorous indeterminate vines produce long trailing brilliant red fruit clusters, with each fruit weighing about ½ an ounce each, measuring 1 1/2 by 1 inch. 78 days

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Early Wonder Tomato

This extra-early maturing, compact variety makes an impressive crop of round, dark pink tomatoes with an average weight of 6 ounces. They have excellent, full tomato flavor, and earn their name since it is a wonder when an early variety tastes this good. Perfect for gardeners in short-season areas. Determinate. 55 days.

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Purple Bumble Bee Tomato

Chefs and gardeners alike are going to be talking about this cherry tomato because of its striking looks and delicious, sweet flavor. 1 ½ inch round fruit are dark purple to almost black and streaked with mottled patterns of green. This is a great tomato for fresh salads and appetizers, where the appearance and texture of the fruit can really shine. Market gardeners will like mixing these into their pints of colorful cherry tomatoes. This crack-resistant variety can be grown either outdoors or in the greenhouse. Indeterminate. 70 days.

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Delicious Tomato

Huge red fruit is smooth, nearly solid and often weighs more than 2 lbs. Excellent flavor, tiny seed cavities, and very little cracking. This is the variety that holds the world record for the largest tomato ever grown. Indeterminate. 77 days.

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Yaqui VFFNA Hybrid Tomato

This impressive tomato variety features an extremely vigorous, compact plant that sets a tremendous amount of blocky plum tomatoes. Extra-large fruit is perfect for canning or for cooking into delicious sauce or paste. While we've grown a lot of paste tomatoes, this one stands out for both the quality and quantity of its fruit. You just won't believe how hard this little tomato plant works. Widely adaptable plants will grow just about anywhere. Determinate. 75 days.

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Beefmaster VFN Hybrid Tomato

One of America's favorites for the solid, meaty, flavorful red fruit that weighs up to 2 lbs. Vigorous vines and outstanding fruit taste and quality. Indeterminate. 80 days.

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Brandywine Red Landis Valley Strain Tomato

This special strain of Red Brandywine comes from Chester County, Pennsylvania, where it originated in 1885. It produces medium-sized, 8 to 12 oz. round, smooth red fruit that are juicy and loaded with intense tomato flavor. This is a different strain than regular Brandywine Red, which has a much larger and more ribbed tomato. This foliage is shaped like a regular tomato leaf and is not potato-leaved. Expect high yields of this very flavorful tomato. Indeterminate. 78 days.

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Orange Oxheart Tomato
Big 10 to 12 ounce heart shaped, meaty fruit are sweet and juicy. Well balanced flavors and attractive color, make this a perfect addition in salads, or as a delicious juicy slice on a sandwich. Vigorous indeterminate vines benefit from growing in cages.  Called one of the best tasting among the Oxheart types. 76 days.
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Andiamo Hybrid Tomato

This early maturing tomato is perfect for eating fresh, making salsa, paste and sauces. A real San Marzano type hybrid, with meaty red fruit and sweet flavor. The 5 inch fruit weigh about 6 ounces and really load up the fruit on the strong indeterminate vines. 65 days.

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First Prize VFFNT Hybrid Tomato

Exclusive release of Tomato Growers Supply Company. The kind of tomato home gardeners would love to grow for a county fair entry. Vigorous plants produce loads of delicious 10 to 12 oz. fruit, even when conditions are not ideal. This one was a winner in our trials for its high yields, good disease resistance, mid-early maturity, and great flavor. First fruit mature early and low on the plant, which continues to bear tomatoes over a long season. Indeterminate. 75 days.

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Mountain Merit VFFFN Hybrid Tomato

ALL AMERICA SELECTIONS WINNER. The first full-sized tomato variety offering resistance to early blight, late blight and Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus plus other resistances for a powerful disease package. Deep red, 8 to 12 oz. fruit is quite flavorful and great for slicing and sandwiches as well as canning for later. Productive plants put on an excellent crop with a harvest time that lasts 4 to 5 weeks. Determinate. 75 days.

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Champion II VFNT Hybrid Tomato

Especially bred as a luscious sandwich tomato...solid, meaty slices with just the right sweetness. High yields of large fruit, bigger than Early Girl and earlier than Better Boy. Outstanding performer. Indeterminate. 70 days.

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406 results