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Jolly Hybrid

ALL-AMERICA SELECTIONS WINNER. Abundant clusters of 1-1/2 ounce pink fruit that is delicious, juicy, and sweet. Somewhat 'peach' or oval shaped with a distinctive tip on the blossom end, this is from the breeding program that developed Santa and Juliet Hybrids. This one is also a prolific bearer, typically offering 10 to 14 tomatoes per cluster, perfect as sweet additions to salads or great just for snacking out of hand. Indeterminate. 70 to 75 days.

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Juliet Hybrid Tomato

ALL-AMERICA SELECTIONS WINNER. Elongated cherry tomatoes grow in grape-like clusters and really load up on vigorous vines. The 1 ounce fruit has red, glossy skin and wonderful sweet flavor. As a bonus, the fruit is crack-resistant and holds on the vine better than most cherries. Expect high yields from plants that are tolerant to late blight and leaf spot. This variety is considered to be a 'big sister' variety of Santa. Indeterminate. 60 days.

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Grape Tomato

Long, grape-like clusters of brilliant red elongated cherry tomatoes have earned this variety its name. Very sweet, complex flavor is delicious and has made these tomatoes a favorite of people everywhere. In fact, pints of these have become a popular supermarket item. Vigorous vines are very productive, but none of these delectable little morsels will go to waste. Their taste is addictive! Crack-resistant and tolerant to heat and a number of tomato diseases. Indeterminate. 60 days.

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Elfin Tomato

This open-pollinated version of Grape Tomato has the same wonderful sweet flavor, size, and shape as the original Grape, but has the advantage of shorter plants. Elfin's clusters of delicious, uniquely-flavored grape-shaped cherry tomatoes have a sweetness that is unmistakably 'grape.' Determinate. 60 days.

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Rosalita Tomato

This is the only pink grape tomato we know of that is really the size and shape of a red grape tomato. Long clusters of small, oval fruit are deep rosy pink and abundantly produced on tall, vigorous plants. These tomatoes are as sweet as rosé wine, and a delightful new choice for anyone who likes grape tomatoes. Indeterminate. 60 days.

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Sweet Hearts FT Hybrid Tomato

This is one of the most popular hybrid grape tomatoes on the market today. We think that's because of the premium quality of these brilliantly red tomatoes, which are packed with sweet, irresistibly delicious flavor. The vigorous plants bear early and impressive yields with continuous sets of big clusters of fruit right up to the top of the plant. As a bonus, the tomatoes are crack-resistant and have a good shelf life after harvest. High brix (sugar) fruit weigh about 1/4 oz. each. Indeterminate. 60 days.

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Green Grape Tomato

Very short compact plants yield 3/4 to 1 inch fruit that is yellow-green when ripe and easy to harvest. Full of flavor, sweet and juicy, these cherry type tomatoes are a real taste treat. Prolific variety is sure to be a favorite in the garden. Determinate. 70 days.

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Cuban Yellow Grape Tomato

A profusion of tiny oval-shaped yellow grape tomatoes are produced on tall, vigorous plants. They are delightfully sweet but refreshing and sure to be a favorite with kids and adults who like to snack right in the garden. Expect long clusters of fruit that can be picked individually with very little cracking. Indeterminate. 90 days.

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Sprite Tomato

If you love grape tomatoes, but don't have the space for supports to grow tall plants, Sprite offers a wonderful alternative. There is no sacrifice in fruit quality, size, productivity, or flavor - just shorter plants for smaller gardens. The small red oval grape tomatoes are borne in amazingly large numbers on more compact, determinate plants. Their taste is refreshingly sweet and skins are thin and crisp, just like the original Grape tomatoes. Determinate. 60 days.

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Golden Sweet Hybrid Tomato

We are happy to have the perfect yellow partner to our red Grape tomato. Golden Sweet grows long clusters of deep yellow grape tomatoes that stay firm and crisp and also resist cracking. Sweet scrumptious flavor combines with that famous grape tomato texture that offers just a little crunch. Excellent production on tall, healthy plants. Indeterminate. 60 days.

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Sugary Hybrid Tomato

2005 ALL-AMERICA SELECTIONS AWARD WINNER - Very sweet, cherry sized tomatoes are oval shaped with a pointed blossom end and a beautiful reddish-pink color. Fruit is produced in clusters on high yielding semi-indeterminate vines, which means that plants stay more compact but continue to produce over a long season. Indeterminate. 60 days.

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