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Oxheart tomatoes are large, meaty fruits with a signature triangular shape.  All oxhearts have indeterminate growth, continuing to produce fruit until killed by frost.

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Amish Paste Tomato

Amish heirloom variety produces paste-type fruit with an oblong oxheart shape. 8 ounce tomatoes are solid with an outstandingly good, sweet flavor. Indeterminate. 85 days.

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Bull's Heart Tomato

This is a very old Russian variety bearing large pink oxheart-type tomatoes with excellent, sweet flavor. Strong plants produce abundantly, with some fruit growing to 2 lbs. and more. Indeterminate. 87 days.

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Orange Oxheart Tomato
Big 10 to 12 ounce heart shaped, meaty fruit are sweet and juicy. Well balanced flavors and attractive color, make this a perfect addition in salads, or as a delicious juicy slice on a sandwich. Vigorous indeterminate vines benefit from growing in cages.  Called one of the best tasting among the Oxheart types. 76 days.
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Hungarian Heart Tomato

Oxheart tomatoes have been popular for generations because of their excellently flavored, meaty, large tomatoes that provide lots of solid good eating with very few seeds. The fruit of Hungarian Heart follows suit, with large, pink heart-shaped tomatoes that become 1 lb. and are just luscious. As a bonus, these plants are not shy bearers, but rather quite productive for an oxheart type. Hungarian heirloom. Indeterminate. 85 days.

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Kosovo Tomato

This wonderful variety came from a former U.N. worker in Kosovo, who passed it down to Carolyn Male. Huge, deep pink heart-shaped fruit has a sweet rich flavor and is very meaty while still being juicy. Production is excellent and the tomatoes are simply beautiful, but it is the delectable and intense tomato flavor that really makes this one special. Tomatoes can grow up to 1 pound, with ranges from 10 to 18 ozs. Indeterminate. 75-80 days.

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Anna Russian Tomato

Heirloom seed handed down to an Oregon woman from several generations of her family, along with the story that it came from a Russian immigrant. Large, juicy pinkish-red heart-shaped tomatoes consistently weigh 1 lb. or just under. Flavor is superb. Small foliage and wispy vines are typical of oxheart-type tomatoes, but this one is distinctive for its size, earliness, and juicy outstanding taste. Indeterminate. 70 days.

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Russian 117 Tomato

Huge, red heart-shaped fruit is often doubled and can weigh up to 1 lb. and more. This one is well known for its excellent flavor, and is very juicy with solid meat and few seeds. It is also more productive than the typical oxheart type. Heirloom variety. Indeterminate. 90 days.

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German Red Strawberry Tomato

These big red oxheart tomatoes may be shaped like a strawberry but are much larger. They average 10 ounces, but can grow to 1 lb. or more. Tomatoes are meaty with an excellent taste that is on the acid side. Tall plants yield an abundance of these wonderful fruits. Heirloom variety. Indeterminate. 85 days.

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Oxheart Pink Tomato

This heart-shaped heirloom offers timeless old fashioned flavor. The fruit are very juicy and meaty, with deep-pink flesh. Plants produce fruit up to 12 ounces in weight, on robust indeterminate plants that are very productive. 75 days

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Wes Tomato

Large, heart-shaped red fruit has a meaty texture and outstanding rich flavor with just the right blend of sugar and acid. Tomatoes weigh about 12 ozs. each and make beautiful meaty slices with very few seeds. Expect good production from these high-yielding plants. Heirloom variety. Indeterminate. 80 days.

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Shilling Giant Tomato

Huge red heart-shaped tomatoes are absolutely luscious, hefty and solid but still delicate inside with superb juicy flavor. Their shape may vary from an elongated globe to a true heart shape, but we still call this an oxheart for its wispy foliage and the fruit's meaty texture. Slice these for dinner, or when the harvest brings too many, cook them into a richly flavored sauce. Heirloom variety. Indeterminate. 80 days.

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