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Bianca Hybrid Pepper -- Treated Seed

This is a premium ivory bell pepper with 3 to 4 lobes and blocky shape. It retains its creamy white color for an extended period before turning orange, and finally light red. Plants are vigorous, resistant to Tobacco Mosaic Virus and provide excellent cover for these very attractive fruit. 70 days.

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Flavorburst Hybrid Pepper

light apple green and ripens to a clear golden yellow. Crisp, juicy fruit has excellent, sweet flavor in a very nice size that measures 5 inches long and 4 inches wide. This fruit turns yellow very early, but plants continue to produce new peppers all season long. 65 days green; 85 days yellow.

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Yellow Monster Pepper

Huge, thick-walled elongated bell peppers start out green but ripen to a beautiful, bright golden yellow, at which stage they become extra sweet. These enormous peppers are delicious when eaten fresh, then take on an added dimension of flavor when stir-fried, grilled, or roasted. Average length is 8 inches, but it is not unusual for peppers to get even bigger. 90 days.

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Nikita Hybrid Pepper

Blocky, thick-walled peppers start out creamy white before turning a beautiful shade of golden orange blushed with red. Peppers have a delicious, sweet flavor, wonderful for fresh salads or baked as a stuffed pepper. This variety is popular in Eastern Europe, where they love it for its color progression and sweet, crispy flesh. Plants are highly resistant to Potato Virus Y. 65 to 70 days.

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Chocolate Beauty Hybrid Pepper

Incredibly sweet and delicious, medium-large, 3 or 4-lobed bell peppers mature from green to an attractive chocolate color. Eat them at the fully ripe stage and you'll know that they're something special. Plants are tobacco mosaic virus resistant. 67 days to green, 85-88 days to chocolate.

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Gypsy Hybrid Pepper

AAS WINNER. Outstanding yield, good looks and flavor combine with earliness to make this pepper a winner. Wedge-shaped fruit is 3 to 5 inches long, pale yellow at first, maturing to orange-red; very sweet when ripe. Plants perform well in both hot and cool regions. 60 days.

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Golden Calwonder Pepper

Golden-yellow at full maturity, these peppers are thick-walled, meaty, and really sweet. Square-shaped fruits are about 4 inches long and wide, and grow upright on healthy plants. Expect great production of these beautiful peppers. 73 days.

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Giant Szegedi Pepper, Treated Seed -- SOLD OUT

Originally from Hungary, this wedge-shaped sweet pepper starts out white then deepens to orange and red when fully ripe. Pendant fruit is about 4½ inches long with thick, sweet flesh, and is produced in great abundance, even when conditions are less than ideal. 75 days.

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Early Summer Hybrid Pepper -- Treated Seed

Extra-large blocky bell peppers mature from green to bright yellow on sturdy plants that are highly productive. Thick-walled peppers are 4 to 5 inches long and nearly as wide. They are heavy and quite meaty, perfect for adding bright color and sweetness to salads and stir-fries, or try them roasted and charred on the grill. Plants are resistant to Tobacco Mosaic Virus. 70 days.

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21 results