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Bulgarian Carrot Pepper

Beautiful, 3½ inch long, bright-orange peppers have the shape and color of a carrot, but are quite hot. Fruit is produced in abundance on short plants. The flavor of these chiles is not only hot, it is also fruity, lending itself to use in chutneys, salsas, sauces, and even hot pepper jelly. Bulgarian heirloom variety. 67 days.

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Hot Sunset X3R Hybrid Pepper

ALL AMERICA SELECTIONS WINNER. A hot banana/ Hungarian wax type of pepper that is earlier and more prolific than other versions. Delicious, thick-walled peppers are 7 inches long and very colorful, turning from yellow to orange and finally red. They are just right for grilling, roasting, pickling, or eating fresh. Tall plants are resistant to Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus as well as bacterial leaf spot races 0-3, 7 and 8. 65 days.

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26 results