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Gigantia Jalapeno Hybrid Pepper

Wow. These smooth, giant, meaty peppers grow up to 5 inches in length. Fruit are meaty with medium heat. Great for stuffing or grilling or salsa. Plants reach 18 to 24 inches. 70 days.

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Tajin Hybrid Pepper

Tajin produces excellent yields of 4 inch by 1.5 inch jalapeno fruit that are dark green in color. Pungency is medium to hot – 4,000 to 6,000 scovilles. 68 days.

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Early Jalapeno Pepper

Early maturity is the hallmark of this jalapeno. The 3 inch fruit are 1 ½ inches wide, and have plenty of pungency. Great for fresh salsa, or in cooking. 67 days.

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Paquime Hybrid Pepper

Enormous jalapenos that are bigger than any we have trialed in the past. The fruit are nearly 5 inches long and produce great yields of outstanding fruit that turn from green to red. The heat does not linger on your tongue. Flavors and aroma are more complex that most jalapenos, so Paquime is really great for making salsa. It is also great for grilling or stuffing. 70 days to mature green fruit.

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Emerald Fire X3R Hybrid Pepper

ALL AMERICA SELECTIONS WINNER. Extra-large and tasty jalapenos grow on vigorous, compact plants that set a huge amount of concentrated fruit. Thick-walled and glossy green, these 4 inch long peppers are great for stuffing, grilling, canning, or using in salsa. They have 2,500 Scoville units of heat, which is perfect for most tastes. Get your jalapeno recipes ready to make use of a very large harvest from these disease-resistant plants. 65 days.

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Jaloro Pepper

This is the first yellow jalapeno pepper developed, from the Texas Agricultural Extension Service. Fruit is a beautiful golden-yellow before turning orange then red, making for a beautiful show on the compact plants. Peppers are just as hot as regular jalapenos. 70 days.

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Mucho Nacho Hybrid Pepper

Jumbo jalapeno that is not only longer than the standard jalapeno, but also wider, heavier, and hotter. Very vigorous plants are excellent producers of these 4 inch long peppers. Beautiful fruit ripen to red upon full maturity. 75 days.

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Purple Jalapeno Pepper

The fruit of this jalapeno turns dark purple and stays that way for a long time before finally ripening to red. Peppers are somewhat larger than regular jalapeno, but with the same thick walls and fiery heat. Great for use in salsas. 75 days.

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Jalapeno M Pepper

Fiery, thick-walled peppers grow 3 inches long and 1½ inches wide, with rounded tips. Dark green at first, then turning red. Good for fresh use or pickling; famous for nachos and other Tex-Mex dishes. 75 days.

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Jalafuego Hybrid Pepper

One of the hottest and most productive jalapeno varieties on the market, this one yields 4-inch long peppers over a long season. These jalapenos are of top quality and turn out smooth and very dark green. Large, vigorous plants produce excellent yields and are resistant to Potato Y virus and 3 races of bacterial spot. 70 days.

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Campeon Hybrid Pepper

Large to extra-large jalapeno produces high yields of uniform, smooth peppers with the classic jalapeno shape ending in blunt tips. Peppers have a high pungency rating and are reliably hot. Large, vigorous plants are widely adaptable to a variety of climates and highly resistant to Potato Y virus and Bacterial Spot races 0-3 and 7-8. 75 days.

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Tam Jalapeno Pepper

This jalapeno has less pungency than most jalapenos. 1000 to 1500 Scovilles when not under stress. Most jalapenos have 3000 to 6000 scoville units. The 3 “ fruits are shiny and dark green, and early to mature. Tam jalapeno also has disease resistance thanks to Texas A&M university breeding. Enjoy the jalapeno flavor without as much heat. 70 days.

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