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Biggie Chile Hybrid Pepper

This pepper follows the first hybrid Anaheim-type chile, and it is more productive with much larger fruit than other Anaheim varieties. Huge crops of 8 to 10 inch long, 4 oz. fleshy peppers appear over a lengthy harvest period. This is the classic “California green chile” and has a mild pungency. 68 days.

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Sahuaro Hybrid Pepper

This large  green chile pepper is a more vigorous version of Big Chile and is the new generation of this popular type of pepper. Stronger, disease-resistant plants yield early harvests of huge chiles that can become 9 inches long. Average pungency is a mild 500 Scoville units. These peppers are great for roasting or used fresh in all your favorite spicy dishes. 68 days.

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Anaheim TMR Pepper

Also known as the “New Mexican Chile,” this moderately pungent fruit is deep green, but turns red at full maturity. Peppers are 7½ inches long and 2 inches wide, and borne on tall, productive plants. Tobacco Mosaic Virus resistant. Excellent for canning, freezing or drying. 75 days.

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