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Among our standout selections, the King George hybrid pepper steals the show with its generous size, delectable flavor, and remarkable early growth, boasting robust disease resistance. Our All America award-winning San Joaquin hybrid jalapeno pepper promises a bountiful harvest, with the potential to yield up to 50 fruits per plant in a single gathering. The Fresno type hybrid pepper, Hernandez, combines medium pungency with exceptional productivity.

For those looking to diversify their garden, our Coventry hybrid carrot offers versatile options, whether you prefer them as baby carrots or when fully grown. The Early Doll hybrid tomato and Lady Sophia are classic red tomatoes with great taste and productivity. And the Fantastico hybrid baby plum tomato boasts long, cascading trusses excellent for hanging baskets.

We've also brought in an array of stunning and diverse decorative flowers, boasting a wide spectrum of brilliant colors and captivating forms.

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Coventry Hybrid Carrot

Coventry is an orange, 3 to 4 inch chantenay carrot which is a popular item in farmers markets and select upscale markets when harvested at full maturity. It is often compared to the Caracas carrot which you can plant in containers, baskets or planter boxes. Also, you can harvest “true” baby carrots – just pick earlier. Coventry has excellent flavor and a sweet crunchy texture. 70 days direct seeded.

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25 results