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DePurple Hybrid Cauliflower

Put some variety in your salad or stir-fry, with this new purple cauliflower. Heads are a purple/lavender color, that will not change when cooked. Heads are 7 to 8 inches in width, self wrapping and taste great. 68 days.

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Cream Sausage Tomato

This variety was developed by Tom Wagner from heirloom stock. He focused on making a more productive plant and creating flavor that is great for making sauces. The cream to yellow colored fruit are nearly 3 inches long and are shaped like a sausage. The determinate 3 foot bush plants don’t need to be staked. 75 days.

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Confetti Radish Mix

This interesting mix of red, white, and bicolor radishes has wonderful flavor and make your salad light up with bright colors that are perfect for gardeners or growers. 28 days.

$2.95 for Packet (175 to 200 seeds)
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Commander Hybrid Squash

This All America winning deep green zucchini leads a double life. Most people allow Commander to grow from 7 to 8 inches in length. But some clever gardeners harvested petite 4 inch fruit, in order to eat tender “baby” squash. Have it any way you like. Compact vines are open for easy picking. 54 days.

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Cinderella's Carriage Hybrid Pumpkin

The first hybrid Cinderella type pumpkin is now available. This hybrid produces large reddish orange fruits ranging from 22 to 35 pounds, on vigorous vines. For the princess in your family, try out the Cinderella’s Carriage and allow her dreams to come true. She will likely agree it is all worth it. 100 days.

$4.75 for Packet (10 seeds)
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Bangor Hybrid Carrot

Bangor is a berlicum type carrot which is very popular in Europe. Large 7 to 9 inch roots have good flavor and are perfect for juicing or storing. Intermediate resistance to Alternaria, Cercospora Leaf Blight, and Black Storage Rot. Also, a winner of the Royal Horticultural Society award for garden excellence. Main season maturity 75 -90 days.

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Andiamo Hybrid Tomato

This early maturing tomato is perfect for eating fresh, making salsa, paste and sauces. A real San Marzano type hybrid, with meaty red fruit and sweet flavor. The 5 inch fruit weigh about 6 ounces and really load up the fruit on the strong indeterminate vines. 65 days.

From $2.95 for Packet (20 seeds)
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31 results