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Lemon Basil

Intense lemon fragrances come from the delicate leaves which can be used for making tea or can be dried in a pleasant potpourri. Attractive plants reach 24 inches in height. 60 days.

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Cinnamon Basil

These fast growing basil plants have a unique flavor that makes for an excellent tea leaf, poultry or seafood herb spice. If you really like the flavor, use in place of basil in your other menu items. Can be grown in containers and reaches 24 to 28 inches. 75 to 80 days.

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Lavender Vera Flower

Lavender vera is an herb and flower that is very attractive in the garden. It works as an herb for burns, insect bites, and ointments. It can just grow in a pot as an attractive flower, too. This variety flowers in the second year of growth as a perennial plant, which can survive in most parts of zones 5 to 9. It looks attractive as beds and borders in the garden as well.

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15 results