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Casper Eggplant

Compact plants bear lots of pure white 7-in. long eggplant with tender, mild flesh. Plants seem to perform well even in cool weather, so gardeners in short-season areas can also expect large harvests. If you have never grown white eggplant before, you will be pleasantly surprised how sweet and delicately textured they are. Let their mild flavor and meaty texture stand out in dishes where vegetables are the centerpiece. 70 days.

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Gretel Hybrid Eggplant

AAS AWARD WINNER. The third in a series of petite varieties, these beautiful, shiny white eggplants grow in clusters on compact plants that can fit into smaller gardens or large containers. Despite its size, you can expect big harvests of these mild, tender fruit that are perfect for grilling or sauteing in olive oil. Pick eggplant at 3 to 4 inches long for the finest quality, and harvest often to encourage more fruit set. 55 days.

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White Star Hybrid Eggplant

Classic teardrop-shaped eggplant is about 5 to 7 inches long with a beautiful. glossy white skin and pure white, mild flesh inside. White eggplant is well known for having no trace of bitterness whatsoever, so it has become a favorite of many gardeners. Tall, vigorous plants provide a protective canopy for the developing large harvest of eggplant. 75 days.

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Rosa Bianca Eggplant

Prized by chefs and gardeners alike for its creamy, mild flesh and lovely appearance, this is an Italian heirloom eggplant. Round-to-teardrop-shaped fruit is white with soft lavender streaks outside, and inside flesh is white and sweet with no trace of bitterness. 75 days.

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Bride Hybrid Eggplant

Slender Asian type eggplant are white with faint stripes of pale lavender, as if delicately colored with a paintbrush barely dipped in paint. Fruit become about 8 inches long with white flesh and an excellent, mild flavor. Plants are compact and well-branched, bearing 2 to 3 eggplant per cluster. 65 days.

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Antigua Eggplant

This beautiful heirloom eggplant is white with streaks of violet that fade to soft lavender. Eggplants grow to about 8 inches long and 3 inches across and have creamy white flesh that is tender and very mild tasting. 75 days.

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