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Epic Hybrid Eggplant

One of the most popular eggplants on the market. The high quality, large size, teardrop shaped fruit sport an attractive glossy black color, and are 7 inches by 3 inches. Plants average 2 feet in height and are very productive. TMV tolerant. 62 days.

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Fengyuan Purple Eggplant

This slender Asian eggplant is one of the longest available. Its beautiful purple skin is so thin that peeling is unnecessary and creamy white flesh is reliably mild with no bitterness. Plants produce an abundance of fruit that can grow well over a foot long. Easy to grow and wonderful for grilling or adding to stir-fries. 65 days.

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Fairy Tale Hybrid Eggplant

ALL AMERICA SELECTIONS WINNER. Expect early harvests of these stunningly attractive, elongated lavender fruit with white stripes. The white-fleshed, non-bitter eggplant is best picked when about 4 inches long and while the skin is still shiny. Dwarf, 18 to 24 inch plants are ideal for containers as well as for planting in the garden. 50 days.

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Long Purple Eggplant

Slender and cylindrical, vibrantly purple eggplant become about 8 inches long and are mildly flavored, wonderful for adding to stir-fries or any eggplant dish. Tall, upright plants yield generous harvests of these very pretty fruit. 70 days.

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Pingtung Long Eggplant

Named after its town of origin in Taiwan, this slender violet-purple eggplant becomes at least 12 inches long and has an excellent, mild flavor and tender white flesh. Produces continuous, large harvests despite summer heat and humidity. 65 days.

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Round Mauve Eggplant

This beautiful eggplant is spherical, about 4 inches across, with rosy-lavender thin skin and a pure white interior. We love to cook with this variety as its size is ample without being overwhelming, and the flesh is mild and meaty with absolutely no trace of bitterness. Earliness and great productivity add to the attributes of this terrific eggplant. 65 days.

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Hansel Hybrid Eggplant

ALL AMERICA SELECTIONS AWARD. This gorgeous non-bitter eggplant can be harvested all the way from a tiny 2 inches up to a more mature 10 inches long, while staying mild with few seeds. Glossy, deep-purple finger-shaped eggplants appear throughout an extended season, so there is plenty of tender fruit for casseroles, grilling, or even stuffing. Compact plants grow no more than 3 feet tall. 55 days.

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Rosita Eggplant

Large size and lovely pink-lavender skin is part of what make Rosita special. Another characteristic is some of the whitest, mildest flesh of any eggplant available. Large fruits have a teardrop shape and become 8 to 9 inches long. Developed in Puerto Rico in the 1940’s. 70 days.

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Patio Baby Hybrid Eggplant

AAS WINNER. This compact variety yields an abundance of personal-sized, 2 to 3-inch long eggplants that are thornless for easy harvesting. The small fruits mature very early but continue bearing for a long season. Deep purple to black in color with a teardrop shape, this variety is just perfect for growing in containers or small garden spaces. Very early maturity time is great for impatient gardeners. 45 days.

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Prosperosa Eggplant

Round, deep-violet fruit comes from Tuscany and is an Italian heirloom. Eggplant are about the size of a Rosa Bianca, but are a beautiful jewel-toned purple with white, mild-tasting flesh inside. This very productive variety offers wonderful color and shape for the eggplant grower. 73 days.

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Nadia Hybrid Eggplant

Glossy, dark, purple-black skin and outstanding production are what make this variety really special. Its classic Italian shape is an elongated oval up to 9 inches long and fruit has a very firm flesh with a slow seed development, prolonging fruit quality. Sets well even under cool conditions. 70 days.

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Orient Express Hybrid Eggplant

Slender, glossy-black Asian eggplant is 8 to 10 inches long with thin skin, mild flesh, and delicate flavor. It matures very quickly and sets fruit in a wide range of temperatures, which makes harvests last even longer. Enjoy these versatile eggplant grilled, roasted, or stir-fried. 58 days.

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16 results